1Malaysia? this is the real malaysians

Sometimes we had failed to realize what is the concept of true Malaysians. Perhaps, malaysians should be more aware of respecting and understanding other races’ cultures and religion practice.


Bomoh…nombor ekor….what’s happening to our people?

I used to read a lot of pamphlets claiming that this particular Tok Guru is able to predict Toto / Magnum / Kuda accurately and his ability to ‘bring wealth’ to all this customers. Well, in those pamphlets, or from what I have seen averagely, there would definitely be some pictures of an Indian woman meeting a Tok Guru and below that would be her name, either Kamachi or Meenachi along with some text in broken Malay.

Saya amat bertrima kasih kepada Tok Guru kerana beri saya nombor ekor yang saya kena. Suami saya patah satu kaki dan tarak kerja. Saya menang RM200000 daripada nombor yang Tok Guru bagi dan hidup saya sekarang sangat selesa. Saya……. [and the crapping goes on]

Well, from what I have heard, these kind of Tok Guru’s would love to prey on Indians, particularly those desperate Indians who would crave for such menang-nombor-ekor opportunity to knock their door. Unfortunately, the knocking would be done by yet another Indian claiming that he ‘knew’ a Tok Guru which could change their life in a split of a second. The truth is, that ‘Indian’ would be working for that particular Tok Guru in bringing in customers. So, once the victims were duped into meeting the Tok Guru, 98% of the Tok Gurus would be asking for some sort of a ‘deposit’ to be offered to the god as a part of their praying process. And what happens next? The Tok Guru would be asking for another ‘deposit’ claiming that the offerings were not enough and he needs more money to ‘convince the god’ to give out a ‘jackpot number’. And what’s next? That’s it, the Tok Guru and the Indian assistant were nowhere to be found a few weeks later.